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DM Transit is using international guarantee for transit declarations, covering all from EU and COMMON TRANSIT countries

  • 24/7 availability in preparing T1 document.
  • Providing CHED documents on international borders
  • Pay tool services in Serbia & EU
  • 24/7 support during the transit process and resolving any issues that might occur and much more…


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In 21 century the transit system is more sophisticated and easier to use than 10 or more years ago. Now in the era of smart electronics, fast internet connections, and smart software We have the opportunity to provide the best service that can be.

We at DM TRANSIT use all those benefits in order to be the very best, using an international guarantee for transit declarations and covering all counties. Providing 24/7 opportunity in preparing T-document, also solving any issues that may occur in the transit process. Also, we offer other services as CHED - COMMON HEALTHY ENTRY DOCUMENT on the borders internationally, pay tool services in Serbia, and much more.

Union transit

The Union transit procedure is used for customs transit operations between the EU Member States and is in general applicable to the movement of non-Union goods for which customs duties and other charges at import are at stake, and of Union goods, which, between their point of departure and point of destination in the EU, have to pass through the territory of a third country.The rules are set out in the Union Customs Code. See the UCC

T1 Statement Regime

When the origin of the transported cargo belongs to a country other than the European Union and EFTA, Common Transit Move needs to be created with Regime T1 declaration in order to move in the import countries. Thanks to the integration of ETGB (Electronic Commerce Customs Declaration), we perform all customs declaration transactions of outgoing/incoming goods as mail or fast cargo via the NCTS Hub electronically without paper printout.

T2 Statement

If the origin of the transported goods belongs to a country of the European Union and this item is to be discharged to any EFTA and third country party to the Common Transit Regime, a T2 declaration must be used for this transportation.

NT Statement

Transported goods, if have moved through and provides an arrival in Macedonia, NT T1 declaration must be used registered form by the customs office from departure.